Emergency Dentistry in Arlington, VA

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Emergency Dentistry in Arlington, VA

Dental emergencies often happen at the most unexpected times. For that reason, our office understands the importance of leaving time in our schedule to care for dental emergencies. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a dental emergency in Arlington, VA, please contact our office to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

At Arlington Dental Center, our experienced emergency dentist will provide you with high-quality emergency dental care that will give you peace of mind during stressful times for your oral health. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (240) 200-4879, our Arlington emergency dentist is here to help!

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Dental Emergencies Treated at Arlington Dental Center

At Arlington Dental Center, we proudly offer comprehensive dental services to patients in Arlington and surrounding communities. Our services include general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We even have an endodontist who provides endodontic treatments and can complete oral surgery in-office! With our comprehensive dental services, we can treat common dental emergencies like:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Dental abscess
  • Loose permanent teeth
  • Inflamed or bleeding gums

We also can provide general anesthesia and dental sedation as options to help you feel more calm.

Visit with Our Emergency Dentist in Arlington, VA

Our team at Arlington Dental Center understands how stressful a dental emergency can be. From abscesses to tooth decay and lost or broken teeth, dental emergencies can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing any of the above-listed dental emergencies, please call our office to visit us.

During your emergency dental visit, our dentist will diagnose the source of pain and discuss your treatment options. We’re here to provide prompt relief and a dental solution that fits best for you. Our team is ready to bring you the relief you have been waiting for.

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When a dental emergency happens, your health is our top priority! At Arlington Dental Center, our team will provide quick relief when a dental emergency happens. If you have a dental emergency and need emergency dental care near Arlington, VA, contact our office today!

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